Objectives of harsac, hisar.

November 24, 2017

To undertake, promote, guide, coordinate and aid research and development in the field of remote sensing
To provide consultancy services and arrange airborne survey facilities to user agencies on actual costs basis
To carry out surveys for monitoring and assessment of the entire gamut of natural resources sectors using remote sensing techniques
To carry out surveys changing land use patterns, environmental changes, irrigation systems, forest resources, and crop disease surveillance
To develop efficient data acquisition and retrieval system and to act as repository of various natural resources data
To act as a nodal organization in the State advising the user agencies and disseminate the remote sensing technology at operational levels
To provide research and development support to the teaching and research organizations of the State in specified areas of remote sensing technology
To carry out field investigations connected with the activities of remote sensing
To organize training facilities, lecture, seminars and symposia for advanced study and research in remote sensing technology and its applications
To cooperate and collaborate with other national and international organizations in the field of remote sensing and allied disciplines
To periodically publish the results of remote sensing investigations carried out by the HARSAC
To act as a Nodal Agency for GIS activities in the State, advising the user agencies and disseminate the GIS technology at operational level