November 24, 2017

 TitleReport No.Cost (INR)
Remote Sensing Survey of Wastelands of five Haryana districts.Project Report, Volume I, July 198840
Wasteland Mapping of Five Districts of Haryana using Remote Sensing Techniques (Hisar, Sirsa, Jind, Karnal, Gurgaon) (July, 1990).HARSAC/TR/02/90190
Mapping & Monitoring of urban Land use of Hiar Town, Haryana, Using Remote Sensing Techniques. (July, 1990)HARSAC/TR/03/9040
Mapping & Monitoring of Salt Affected Soil in Karnal District of Haryana using Remote Sensing Data (August, 1990)HARSAC/TR/04/9040
Remote Sensing Application Projects of Weaker & Rural Section Development (September, 1990).HARSAC/TR/05/9020
Sirsa (July, 1990)NIL35
Karnal (October, 1990)NIL35
Sonepat (August, 1990)NIL35
Bhiwani (August, 1990)NIL40
Mahendragarh (October, 1990)NIL35
Hisar (July, 1990)NIL40
Rohtak (August, 1990)NIL35
Gurgaon (August, 1990)NIL40
Faridabad (Augusut, 1990)NIL40
Kurukshetra (October, 1990)NIL40
Jind (July, 1990)NIL40
Ambala (October, 1990)NIL40
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